How To Buy A Car Online With Peter Vardy

How To Buy A Car Online With Peter Vardy

We have covered all aspects of purchasing online because now, more than ever, we understand its importance!

Consider your needs and budget

What will you be using the car for? Do you have a big family, and so need a spacious car? Or do you travel long distances and need a fuel efficient car? After you have considered your needs, you should decide your budget. Will your payment method be an outright cash purchase or through financing? This will help narrow your search and make choosing your perfect car much easier.

Car finance explained

When financing with Peter Vardy, there are 2 main types of financing: hire purchase (HP) and personal contract purchase (PCP).

Hire purchase financing

Hire purchase means that you are hiring the vehicle for an agreed amount of time. After you make the final payment, the car will become yours. This means that you are paying higher monthly payments, but you then have ownership of the vehicle after the last payment. 

Personal contract purchase financing

Personal contract purchase means that you do not pay the full value of the vehicle during the monthly payments. If you would like to keep the vehicle, then you would be required to pay the remaining amount of the vehicle via a lump sum after the agreed period of time. This means that you have lower monthly payments, but you must pay the rest of the amount in order to receive ownership.



Am I eligible for finance?

Check your eligibility for finance. Make sure when choosing a finance deal that suits you, you are taking affordability into consideration. Once you’ve selected the amount of money you would like to borrow, we will then ask you to fill out information so we can best advise on your eligibility.

Enquire Online

If you have decided on the car you want, you can ‘enquire online’ to register your interest in the vehicle. Once you have selected ‘enquire online’, input your contact details and your preferred contact method. It also gives you the option of seeing the finance deal for the specific car you are interested in. This includes monthly payments, deposit, and, if you choose PCP, the lump sum. 

There is also the option to chat live to our helpful team that will guide you towards any other specific information you need. You can also get in touch and buy a vehicle over the phone.

Collecting the car

You can arrange the collection of the vehicle over the phone or online. When coming for a collection, we have plenty of COVID-19 procedures in place to make this collection as safe as possible. Some of these coronavirus procedures include temperature checks on arrival, social distancing, all vehicles deep cleaned and sanitised, and collection from the carpark of the dealerships.

What are the next steps?

Your Peter Vardy journey does not end with the purchase. We like to stay involved with servicing, MOTs, and anything else we can possibly help with. At Peter Vardy, our biggest commitment is putting the customer first, making sure they are happy with their purchase, as well as helping with any future concerns you may have. We provide a 3 month warranty, minimum 9 month MOT, and 3 months servicing with all our cars!


You can view our range of new and used cars, or you can contact us!