The Complete Guide To Car Servicing

The Complete Guide To a Full Car Servicing

What is a car service?

A car service is a check up on your vehicle to make sure everything is working, and there are no problems with the car. It is very important to do this as it will prolong the life of your car.

Is a car service necessary?

Car servicing is not required by law, but is recommended by almost every garage and manufacturing company. There may be problems with parts of the vehicle that you are unaware of whilst driving, such as the steering wheel may have become shaky- meaning the wheel bearings may be broken.

Brake pads may have worn down meaning your brakes are no longer as effective as they should be, or you could face gearbox problems if the car is not regularly serviced. All of these problems can be very costly to fix if left for a long period of time unchecked. 

What is the difference between an interim service, a full service, and a major service?

There are three different types of car services, with different checks. You can choose one of these depending on how many miles you drive over a certain amount of time.

Interim Service

This kind of service is recommended after 6 months, or for people who drive around 6,000 miles over half a year. This is to check everything is still running and to also provide an engine oil and engine filter change. 

Full Service

This service is recommended after 12 months, or if you drive around 12,000 miles per annum. A more thorough check of everything, it includes a change of the engine oil, the oil filter, and the air filter. 

Major Service

A major service is recommended after 24 months, or if you drive around 24,000 miles across two years. This is the most thorough check. It changes engine oil, oil filter, the air filter, pollen filter and replaces the brake fluid too. This is a big service to keep the car going and make sure there are no problems with it.  

What is the difference between an MOT and a service?

An MOT is to make sure that your car is safe to drive on the road and is required by law.

A service is a list of guidelines set out by the manufacturer to make sure that the car is running the best it possibly can be. 

What is included in a full service? 

The more popular version, a full service is a meticulous check of the vehicle following manufacturers’ guidelines. Garages vary on what they do during this service, however it generally includes a change of the engine oil, the oil filter, and the air filter.

Services from Peter Vardy provide a 43-point check, a wash and a vacuum. This is available on all makes and models, as well as offering customers free WiFi (to help pass the time whilst the service takes place), and a free cup of tea or coffee on arrival. 

Does my car need servicing every year?

It is not required by law but is recommended at least once a year. This is for those who cover a low mileage yearly, so if you are driving over 10,000km annually it may be better to get more than one service a year to keep your car in tip top condition.


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