The Best Cars For Dog Owners In 2021

The Best Cars For Dog Owners In 2021

Our furry friends are a big part of our lives - so why shouldn’t they travel in style and comfort too?

When browsing for a new car, it’s important to consider what you will be using the car for. You should also take into account who is riding in the car, including any four-legged companions. We have compiled a list of the best 9 cars for dogs (and their owners!) in 2021.


Skoda Superb Estate

Although the boot size that you desire may depend on the size of your dog, this Skoda’s 660 litre boot means no dog will be left cramped. The low load lip means that it will be easy for your beloved best friend to jump in and out, even as they grow older. It even has a reversible load floor so that if your dog makes a mess on one side, you will still have a pet-hair-free side.


Nissan X Trail SUV

This Nissan is a spacious, reliable model. But the selling point for your captivating canine will be Nissan’s Paw Pack, a £600 bundle that includes a ramp to help smaller/older/less mobile dogs into the boot. The boot will also be installed with a hanging storage rack (handy for leads etc), a boot liner, a dog bed, and a spill-resistant water bowl.


Peugeot Rifter

With a van-like feel and an enormous 775 litre boot, space is clearly no issue here. This Peugeot also comes with storage spots so you will have plenty of choice for your dog walking equipment, as well as no load lip, so your dog should have no trouble entering and exiting the car.


Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery also comes with an optional Pet Pack, which includes a rubber boot liner (easier to wipe clean) and a full-height metal luggage partition. If you are transporting people, the seven seats mean the boot is only 258 litres. But travelling with a four-legged friend means the five seats create 1137 litres of boot space. Lowering seats is easy via the touchscreen or your phone.


Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate

Practical and versatile, without compromising on style nor luxury. The 640 litre boot in the E-Class Estate allows for most dogs to lie down and relax, and is equipped with a flat load bay and (on certain models) the air suspension system which lowers the vehicle’s ride height.


Volvo V90

This Volvo offers a comfortable, luxurious experience for both humans and dogs. The boot is 560 litres and boasts a removable plastic loadbay liner (easier to clean), and a stainless steel rear bumper plate that will prevent claw scratches. It also comes equipped with a bolt-in dog cage to keep your furry friend contained and safe. 


Peugeot 308 SW Estate

Low running costs on this Peugeot will appeal to humans, whilst the 660 litre boot space will appeal to canines. However, this car may be better suited to dogs that prefer to stand up in the boot as it has a slimmer, taller space. 


Toyota Corolla Touring Sports


If the environment is on your mind, this Hybrid Toyota is for you. The eco-friendly 581 litre boot is a sure selling point, as the battery packs are placed underneath the boot floor. Keeping the car clean will be easier as the adjustable floor is reversible and its second side is rubber.


Skoda Octavia Estate

Skoda sells accessories for their cars, which include a hammock-style rear seat cover and seatbelts for dogs. The boot has 590 litres of space, and the rear passengers (human or canine) will enjoy spacious legroom and USB sockets. 

If you also have a large family to cater for, you can find our guide on family cars. Our used car deals can be found here, or you can contact Peter Vardy here.