Best Hatchbacks 2022 | Peter Vardy

Best Hatchbacks 2022 | Peter Vardy

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What Is A Hatchback Car?

Hatchbacks remain Britain’s most popular cars, and for good reason; they are efficient, practical, and, most importantly, affordable. A hatchback, quite simply, refers to the ability to access the boot. A hatchback is basically a car that can access the boot from within the cabin.

Typically, hatchbacks are 5-door but can also come with a 3-door option. If you need anything from the boot in either of these cars, in hatchback form, you can simply reach over the rear seats and collect it. Another quirky hatchback attribute is the ability to fold over the rear seats to create additional carrying capacity. Hatchbacks come in a range of sizes to suit all lifestyles, but are usually smaller than saloons and estates. Hatchbacks are extremely popular and don’t appear to be fizzling out anytime soon.

Are Hatchbacks Worth It?

Hatchbacks are infamous for their practicality and continue to dominate the European market. Hatchbacks appeal to a wide range of consumers, with options suited to every individual and lifestyle. Some major benefits of hatchbacks can consist of practicality, affordability, and accessibility whilst achieving a unique style perfectly suited to the city or long-distance trips. It is just as perfect for newbies as it is for experienced drivers who are downsizing. Arguably, the biggest selling point of the hatchback is its affordability, which is often significantly cheaper than SUVs and estate cars. Throughout this article, we will provide professional knowledge and insight into why we believe hatchbacks are worth every single penny.

Top 10 Best Hatchbacks 2021

 Check out our favourite hatchbacks list and why we love them so much!


Mercedes-Benz A Class


The Mercedes-Benz A-Class packs a whole lot of luxury into a hatchback-sized package. The smallest passenger car available from Mercedes can certainly compete with the most affordable models on the market. Stylish and practical, the A-Class is a force to be reckoned with in the hatchback division. There is a range of engine types available that differ in size, and an eco-friendly plug-in hybrid is also obtainable.

The interior design of the A-class is top-quality and provides a comfortable journey irrespective of distance. As you would expect, the A-Class boasts a raft of high-tech equipment. As standard, the A Class is equipped with sat nav, sports seats and automatic air conditioning. Optional equipment can include heated seats, a rear view camera and advanced LED headlights, amongst many more features.

The A Class provides a smooth ride and handles well on a variety of terrains. Situated in the upper bracket of the hatchback division, the A Class is rather expensive, even at entry level. The A-Class hatchback achieves an impressive MPG and can withhold 51 litres on average. Despite being one of the pricier hatchbacks on the market, it is undoubtedly one of the best performers, whilst being aesthetically pleasing.

BMW 1 Series

For several years, the BMW 1 Series hatchback has been a dominant force in the hatchback division for good reason. An extremely popular model in the BMW franchise since its release in 2006, and one of the smallest models BMW offers, this ultimate driving machine can compete with any vehicle, in any division.

Glamourous, practical and highly reliable, the BMW 1 Series hatchback epitomises everything BMW stands for. Available in a range of engines, the BMW 1 Series is also available in a sporty M135i version which can achieve 0-60 MPH in an impressive 4.8 seconds. The quick handling of the 1 series provides for a thrilling ride. It is ideal for winding roads, but it also performs admirably on long distance journeys.

The interior is comfortable, sporting luxurious leather seats and a spacious driving position. As standard, the BMW offers sat nav, sports seats and parking sensors, along with an abundance of other cool features. The BMW 1 series hatchback excels in space when compared to its premium rivals, boasting large front and rear rooms. As expected, the BMW 1 Series hatchback sits in the higher price range of the hatchback division, but given its plaudits, we believe it is fully justified.

Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf hatchback’s desirability is responsible for its incredible success. Instantly recognisable, the Golf is a top seller in the Volkswagen range, amassing millions in sales. This hatchback competes against the elite brands within the division and has been in circulation for 8 generations now, emphasising the craze surrounding the golf hatchback.

The Volkswagen Golf is available in petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid and even a fully electric option with the e-Golf. Three main settings on the control panel allow users to adapt their driving experience, with the comfort setting providing the smoothest of rides. The sport mode option increases the thrill of driving on those curving roads. A large windscreen provides wide visibility, and the interior is comfortable with a simplistic dashboard.

Parking sensors, sat nav and CarPlay come as standard, along with other exceptional features. The Volkswagen Golf has headroom in abundance, even in the rear seats. The boot space is adequate, easily accommodating the weekly shopping or a set of golf clubs.The Volkswagen Golf is one of several factors to consider when purchasing your next hatchback; it is less expensive than prestige brand hatchbacks.

Ford Focus

One of the most recognisable car names in the UK, the Ford Focus hatchback is one of the bestselling cars in the entire Ford range. Designed for British roads, it’s difficult to look past the Focus when searching for the hatchback market.

Dependable, comfortable, and entertaining on country roads, the Ford Focus is the full package. While not a standout in terms of design when compared to competitors, the Focus hatchback competes in every other department. A wide selection of petrol and diesel options are available, along with a fast ST model. Regardless of engine type, one thing remains certain across all Ford Focus hatchbacks, and that is the guaranteed superb handling on every surface.

The cabin is roomy and equipped with a slew of useful features such as Carplay, the Ford Sync 3 system, and cruise control, to name a few.Upgraded versions offer heated seats and keyless entry. Ford doesn’t compromise on boot space and the Ford Focus hatchback offers 375 litres of luggage room, perfect for a hatchback model. The Ford Focus Hatchback is reasonably priced and achieves good MPG. It is certainly useful to check out this model before purchasing your next hatchback.

Seat Leon

Arguably the best all-rounder in the hatchback market, The Seat Leon Hatchback is comprised of everything the successful Spanish brand has to offer: a seriously impressive car and an incredibly appealing option in a market filled with remarkable cars.

The Seat Leon Hatchback is available in a number of trims and engine sizes, with all versions coming with five doors as standard. Even at its lowest engine size, the Seat Leon provides fast acceleration. Grip on the Seat Leon hatchback is incredible, ensuring handling is great even in tight situations. There is a generous amount of room available in all departments of the Seat Leon.

The materials within the cabin are of high quality, thus increasing comfort for all passengers. The interior doesn’t quite compare to that of the 1 Series or A Class, but is still great value for money. Seat Leon equipment is respectable, even as standard. Features include Bluetooth, a touchscreen system, and alloy wheels, to mention a few. Upgraded versions offer parking sensors, heated seats, and a reversing camera, among others. One of the cheapest hatchbacks in this article, the Seat Leon, also offers lower running costs whilst achieving a high MPG range. A reliable, well-rounded and sleek hatchback, the Seat Leon is a strong contender in this division, at a fraction of the price of certain competitors. In the division, this hatchback is a must-consider!

Audi A3

The Audi A3 Hatchback and desirable are synonymous with one another. As a prestige brand, the Audi A3 hatchback competes against the pricier hatchback models in the division. The new design of the A3 is exciting and changes based on the trim level you pick. Sport trims are available along with plug-in hybrid versions.

However, even as standard, the Audi A3 is reliable, efficient, and provides exceptional driving pleasure. Different driving modes provide the driver with more options in every environment. On the whole, the Audi A3 hatchback handles well and delivers comfort with every drive. The upmarket interior has always been a main focus of Audi and one of the main selling points. Sport seats, Bluetooth, and Audi Drive Select are standard features, but optional extras can include a Bose audio system, heated seats, reversing cameras, and much more.An extremely popular model, the Audi A3 hatchback typically holds value and is a great option for used car buyers.

The A3 competes with the best hatchbacks at similar prices to the prestige models discussed in this article. The Audi A3 is a more than worthwhile option in the hatchback division, with ample boot space and a good MPG of 49.9 on average, making the Audi A3 a more than worthwhile option in the hatchback division.

Kia Picanto


Possibly Kia’s most successful model, the Kia Picanto hatchback appeals to a wide range of customers. The appeal is largely thanks to a combination of three aspects, including its quirky looks, price point, and strong equipment levels. Despite being one of the smaller hatchbacks on the market, the Picanto offers several benefits over other vehicles.

The Picanto is available with three petrol engine sizes and with both manual and automatic gearboxes. The Kia Picanto is easy to drive and perfect for city driving. A small frame makes parking in those tight spaces a whole lot easier. Some models include heated seats, a rear camera, and a sunroof, among other excellent features.The Picanto has plenty of boot space, and the seats are simple but comfortable.

Costs of running the Kia Picanto hatchback is significantly lower than the aforementioned hatchbacks, which could be decisive in choosing your next model. Low insurance and an impressive 57.9 mpg on average are two excellent benefits of the Kia Picanto Hatchback.

Kia Ceed

The second Kia in our top ten list is the Kia Ceed hatchback. Another fine example of South Korean design and manufacturing, the Ceed is bigger than the Picanto but remains similar in certain aspects. An array of engine sizes is available, along with a mild-hybrid option.

Light steering makes for tidy handling, allowing the Kia Ceed to smoothly travel across a variety of terrain. While not the sharpest hatchback on the market, certain engine sizes can achieve relatively impressive BHP and give the car that extra bit of power. Material quality within the Ceed has certainly improved since the previous version, and the features are of a high standard, as always. Navigation and carplay come as standard, whilst upgrades such as ventilated front seats can be purchased.

Space is above average in this division, and the car is spacious enough for tall people. The boot space is generous, amassing an impressive 395 litres of space. The Kia Ceed is not particularly flashy, but it is reliable, practical, and offers a 7-year warranty! If you are pursuing a car in the hatchback market, you must simply have a closer look at the Kia Ceed.

Vauxhall Astra

An iconic model in this division, the Vauxhall Astra hatchback, is notorious on British roads and has been a market leader for decades now. The Astra hatchback is an excellent all-rounder, performing well in every category. As expected, there are a number of diesel and petrol cars available.

The drive is comfortable and designed specifically to suit British roads. The driver's seat and steering wheel offer considerable adjustment to cater for every driver. Specification is impressive for a car in this price range, offering a touchscreen system and cruise control as standard. Pricer versions can include sat nav, Bose sound systems, and wireless phone charging, amongst others.

The Astra excels in space for a car in the hatchback division, with the front and rear offering generous leg and head space. The boot is not on the same level as the interior but is reasonably spacious, containing 370 litres. The Vauxhall Astra Hatchback is one of the most popular hatchbacks in the division, and it is undoubtedly essential for you to check it out prior to choosing your next hatchback.

Mazda Mazda3

The Mazda 3 hatchback is exactly what you would expect from the Japanese manufacturer. Innovative and quirky, the Mazda 3 follows the same trend as previous Mazda models. The Mazda 3 is unique in appearance and rather stylish in comparison to other hatchback models. A range of engine sizes is available, and they all pack a punch.

The Mazda 3 can be nimble and great to drive around the city. One department this car excels in is noise and vibration. Mazda prides themselves on ensuring their cars are as quiet as possible, suppressing wind and road noise where applicable. The interior is neat and boasts a simplistic dashboard with cluttered buttons that are non-existent. As expected, the Japanese manufacturer has bombarded the Mazda3 with the latest technology, offering sat nav, carplay, parking sensors and loads more on the standard trim. Upgraded versions may include, among other things, a birds-eye camera view and Bose surround sound speakers.Space is bountiful in the Mazda3, which includes a good assortment of storage areas.

The Mazda3 hatchback sits in the middle range of pricing, below prestige models but slightly above the aforementioned Astra and Focus. For buyers interested in exceptional luxury at an affordable price, the Mazda3 hatchback is a terrific choice.

There has been a significant rise in the number of hatchbacks purchased by the public in recent years. Practicality appears to be the number one reason for switching to a hatchback, although as proven, they offer plenty more than practicality alone. There are several reasons why the hatchback is so in-demand. Among them are fuel efficiency, dependability, and versatility. Low insurance and running costs suggest the perfect car for first-time buyers, whilst considerable space makes the hatchback an optimum choice for families too. Browse through our extensive selection of used and new hatchbacks.