Best Estates 2022 | Peter Vardy

Best Estates 2022 | Peter Vardy

Our Favourite 2022 Estate Cars 

At one stage, the estate was the must-have car, but in recent years, its popularity has declined due to the increasing popularity of SUVs. However, despite competition and a decline in popularity, estate cars remain beneficial in several ways and should not be overlooked when purchasing your next vehicle.

At first glance, estates resemble saloons and hatchbacks. However, estates have an extended rear end that maximises boot space. Stray away from the bulky and ungainly lumps of an SUV and find yourself submerged in the same spacious vehicle without compromising driving dynamics and control with an estate car.

With a wide variety of used estate cars to choose from, there is an estate suitable for everyone in our collection. Perfect for large families or individuals who require large boot space for bulky items such as golf clubs, the estate also has impressive towing ability, perfect for caravan users – the space is almost limitless within an estate and can serve a few purposes.

Even though an estate is incredibly spacious and therefore occasionally heavy depending on the cargo, it remains powerful and nimble thanks to its low centre of gravity. On average, an estate car is significantly cheaper than the same brand in a SUV or saloon, so the savings would be massive. In this article, we are going to list our favourite estates and some of the reasons why we love them!

Are Estate Cars Worth It?

Purchasing a car is perhaps one of the biggest financial decisions you will face, so it’s important you make the correct decision. For several reasons, estates can be well worth their value. The number one reason for purchasing an estate is the endless cargo space. Perfect for families, the space within estates eases travel and eradicates all space-related stressful situations.

Another benefit of the estate is the options at your disposal. Estates come in manual, automatic, and even electric options. Sleek and stylish, the design of the estate car appeals to a wide audience.

Estates do not compromise when it comes to acceleration and are able to maintain high levels of performance despite being considerably larger in size in comparison to other models.

Perhaps the main reason for picking an estate is the financial savings available. An estate tends to be significantly cheaper than the same branded models in a saloon or SUV. We firmly believe estate cars are worth it and are a great choice for car buyers who require that extra inch of space.

Top 10 Best Estate Cars 2021

At Peter Vardy we have created a list of our favourite estates to save you essential research time. Our list is comprised of a variety of estates, differing in price so there is an option for everyone.


BMW 3 Series Touring

The first estate car on our list is the BMW 3 Series Touring, a rather iconic model. The 3 Series Tour is arguably the most handsome estate on the market, whilst managing to offer great practicality and high performance. The interior, almost identical to the 3 series saloon, is bestowed with high quality.

The space within the boot is exceptional and boasts 495 litres, along with clever touches such as anti-slip rails that retract to allow items to be slid into the boot and then raised to hold them in place when the vehicle is in motion. There is a wide range of engine sizes, both petrol and diesel variants, and even a plug-in hybrid version.

Even in its most basic form, the 3 Series Touring comes with incredible specifications, including sat nav, parking sensors, and climate control, amongst many more. The BMW 3 Series Touring sits at the higher end of the price spectrum in comparison to other estates. This, however, is completely justified.

The BMW 3 Series Touring Estate gets our highest recommendation!

Skoda Octavia Estate

Next on our list is the Skoda Octavia Estate. This exciting estate has consistently been crowned "Best Estate" at the Auto Express New Car Awards, taking home the title on three different occasions.

Skoda's Octavia is Skoda's best-performing vehicle. The Octavia possesses a remarkable 640-litre boot, which rises to 1700 litres with the rear bench folded. Even with a maxed-out boot, the Octavia is a comfortable ride, especially over long distances.

Similar to the 3 Series Touring, the Octavia comes in a variety of different engines and sizes, also offering a plug-in hybrid option. The Skoda Octavia doesn’t lack in equipment either, providing those who buy the standard trim with Bluetooth, climate control, and a whole lot more!

The Octavia scores high in reliability and safety and is extremely well priced. If you are in the market for an estate, then it’s difficult to see past the Skoda Octavia Estate!

Volvo V90 Recharge Estate

Our first fully plug-in hybrid on the list, the V90 recharge, is similar to its predecessor but arguably an even better package due to the reduced running costs. This particular car doesn’t have the same driving thrills as the other estates mentioned; however, it focuses on providing relaxing and comfortable driving.

The V90's handling is solid, allowing for leisurely drives regardless of terrain.Volvo is renowned for producing reliable, safe, and comfortable vehicles, and the V90 Recharge estate is certainly no exception. The material quality is exceptional, and a large dashboard makes everything accessible.

As expected, the V90 estate is equipped with the finest technology as standard, including sat nav, voice control, and parking assistance, amongst so much more. Similar to all estates, the Volvo V90 Recharge is extremely spacious, and the boot is unaffected by the hybrid system, still offering 560 litres.

Unfortunately, the V90 is one of the most expensive estates on the list and is not exactly cheap to tax either. However, running costs are significantly lower than most estates, and savings could be remarkable.

Ford Focus Estate

The Ford Focus estate has always been a popular choice amongst families due to its reliability and price point. Stylish and handsome, the Ford Focus Estate is the perfect combination of fun-to-drive and practical in terms of its capacity.

There are several trim levels of the Ford Focus estate, so there are plenty of options from a consumer’s perspective. The Focus Estate shares similarities with the hatchback, most notably in its class-leading handling, making it an optimum choice for enthusiastic drivers who require that extra room.

The Ford Focus Estate is extremely spacious, and the rear seats have an easy-to-use fold facility, perfect for those travelling with heavy or awkward equipment. It also comes with an abundance of cool features as standard, such as CarPlay, a heated front screen, and keyless entry!

The Ford Focus Estate is moderately priced and a fantastic option for car enthusiasts who prefer that extra legroom.

Mercedes E-Class Estate

The Mercedes E-Class estate aims to win you over with its comfortable and smooth ride and attractive interior. The E-Class Estate sits in the higher price range of the estates, but we believe it is fully justified.

Luxury personified, the E-Class Estate prioritises comfort with a high-quality interior filled with the finest equipment. You can expect to find sat nav, parking sensors and a rear camera all as standard in the E Class Estate.

Performance is not compromised either, with the standard E-Class Estate achieving 192 BHP and 0-62 MPH in 7.8 seconds. If that’s not enough, other versions can achieve up to 429BHP, which is very impressive for an estate.

As expected, this estate is extremely spacious, offering a remarkable 640 litres of boot space along with some nice touches such as a foldable crate under the floor, perfect for food supplies.

If price is not a factor when deciding on your next estate, then the Mercedes E-Class certainly must be an option.

Jaguar XF Sportbrake Estate

The Jaguar XF Sportbrake Estate offers almost the exact same dynamic appeal as the saloon, making it one of the most stylish estates on the market. Similar to the XF saloon in several ways, the XF Sportbrake estate also boasts a luxurious interior and class-leading handling. However, it also comes with a large boot space and additional leg room.

Estates are not renowned for their speed, but the Sportbrake estate is impressively punchy and is more than quick enough to compete with sportier models. The XF Sportbrake estate has slightly less space than similarly priced models, but leg and head room in the back is sufficient for 6ft tall adults to sit behind similarly sized people in the front.

The lush interior comes with the finest equipment as standard, including parking sensors, 360-degree cameras, and LED headlights, amongst so much more. The Jaguar XF Sportbrake Estate is significantly cheaper than BMW and Audi rival models, which is impressive considering how well equipped the Jaguar is.

All things considered, the Jaguar XF Sportbrake should be a top pick when it comes to purchasing estates.

Volvo V90 Estate

Volvo specialises in estate cars and the V90 Estate is arguably their best yet. In recent decades, Volvo has built up an impressive reputation that majors on practicality and safety, although in recent decades that perception has switched, and consumers are familiar with the Swedish brand for producing chic cars.

The V90 Estate is available in petrol, diesel, and hybrid, and, as a standard, the diesel achieves 194 BHP. The handling of the V90 is slightly more composed in comparison to rivals due to the adaptive dampers.

Accommodating five adults is not a struggle for the V90 estate, with space plentiful in all compartments. Along with several storage compartments, the V90 boot measures an impressive 575 litres.

The interior is sleek and, of course, supplies passengers with the famously comfortable seats. Packed with amazing equipment such as parking sensors and a rear-view camera as standard, the Volvo V90 estate is a safe option for many consumers that comes packed with driving thrills and fantastic additional equipment too!

Audi A6 Avant Estate

The Audi A6 Avant is one of the finest estates on the market. Handsome and extremely practical, this is more than an expensive badge. There is a range of diesel, petrol, and hybrid models to pick from, and a sporty version is available too, for those seeking a thrilling drive, capable of putting the majority of sports cars to shame.

The handling is secure, and once the A6 Avant is up to speed, it will cruise on the motorway with ease. Audi is famous for the quality of its interiors, and the Audi A6 Avant reinforces that reputation. As expected, the Audi A6 Avant is remarkably spacious, perhaps slightly smaller than its competitors in terms of boot size, but more than adequate.

This model is filled with exceptional equipment such as parking sensors, a reversing camera and sat nav as standard, amongst many other amazing add-ons. The Audi A6 Avant estate is beautifully designed and packed with fantastic technology. Although it is expensive, it is a perfect choice for those interested in a flashy estate.

BMW 5 Series Touring Estate

The BMW 5 Series Touring estate is a strong contender for estate of the year due to its high-performance levels and practicality. The Touring estate is the perfect blend of premium appeal and endless space.

Available in a wide range of engines and versions, there is a tour available for everyone. All versions are more than capable of covering large distances with ease, whilst being ridiculously comfortable in the process.

The BMW 5 Series Touring estate has a good square-shaped boot which offers a generous 560 litres of space. The interior is luxurious, and storage space is plentiful.

As expected, the Touring estate comes fully equipped with fantastic features such as bright LED headlights, sat nav and CarPlay, amongst much more. Upgrading versions will provide extremely powerful sound systems.

Secure, reliable, and extremely stylish, the BMW 5 Series Touring estate is a top choice for all consumers in the estate market!

Peugeot 508 SW Estate

Slightly different in style to the traditional estate, but none the less, one of the most appealing estates on the market is the Peugeot 508 SW. This is an interesting and good-looking estate which can rival the most premium of brands.

There are several engine sizes and versions of the Peugeot 508 to choose from, offering consumers plenty of variety. The Peugeot 508 SW estate provides a comfortable and enjoyable car ride. It is a little slower than other premium estates in terms of acceleration in its standard form, but does offer a version that achieves an impressive 225BHP for those seeking faster rides.

The interior is high quality, and the design continues to impress with a swept-back dashboard. The entry level model excels when it comes to extras, which include sat nav, Carplay and dual-zone climate control, amongst many others. In upgraded versions, you'll find rear cameras and wireless phone charging.

Boot space measures 530 litres, which is average for an estate. However, headroom is exceptionally good because of the narrow windows. Reliable and practical, this handsome vehicle is a great choice for customers seeking estates.

What Is The Best Used Estate Car?

We cannot argue against any of the ten estates as we believe they are all fantastic choices but as perhaps the complete estate, we have chosen the Skoda Octavia Estate. The Octavia Estate maximises space whilst keeping running costs relatively low, however it is more than just a large space.

The Octavia estate is modern, stylish and performs on every terrain. Handling on the Octavia is excellent with plenty of grip and precise steering, ideal for long journeys. There are several versions of the Octavia Estate so a wide range of choice for the consumer.

Space is unrivalled with plenty of head and legroom, also offering exceptional boot space of a remarkable 640-Litres. As standard, all Octavia Estates come with an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system and air con amongst other features.

Upgraded versions will provide parking sensors and WIFI amongst much more! Economical and low insurance group, the Octavia seems faultless. The Octavia is highly reliable and has built a great reputation of customer satisfaction and was worthy of the Euro NCAP 5-star rating for safety.

All things considered, The Skoda Octavia Estate is one of the most complete estates on the market and is a must visit for those considering an estate vehicle.


Which Is the Largest Estate Car?

After this write up, you’ll be queuing up to buy your Skoda Superb estate. Not only does it top the list for best fuel economy, it surpasses any other estate in terms of size too. The catchphrase "King of Space" is completely justified with this enormous estate. In the front of the car, you will feel rather distanced from the rear seats, highlighting just how large the space in the centre of the vehicle is.

As mentioned before, the Superb achieves a remarkable 660 litres of space. Even more impressive, though, is the space accumulated when the rear seats are folded, which amounts to a remarkable 1,950 litres. Height-adjustable seats and an adjusted steering wheel can provide even more space if necessary. Large gloveboxes and excellent cup-holders also maximise space.

Loading heavy equipment is simplified thanks to the huge, wide-opening boot lid and low floor. The Skoda Superb estate is unrivalled when it comes to space and is definitely a market leader. If you are in the market for a spacious vehicle at a reasonable price, then look no further than the Skoda Superb Estate.

Are Estate Cars Still Popular?

At one stage, the estate was the most popular car on the market, with skyrocketing sales and unprecedented popularity. This has since changed due to a surge of SUVs dominating the market and an increase in hatchback buyers thanks to their practicability.

The popularity of estates has no doubt dwindled in recent years, but they remain a formidable force, serving many benefits. Estates are often overlooked, but we guarantee there is an estate for everyone. Perhaps the main selling point of the estate car is the enormous space it provides.

Styling, towing ability, and performance are also key components of the estate. Combine the aforementioned factors, and we believe you have a perfect blend of everything required to make a perfect car.

In early estate generations, there was criticism regarding the boxy design, but it has since vanished to appear more elegant and stylish.

It is difficult to predict if estate cars will surge in sales like previously, but it’s clear to state that estates would make fantastic cars for families and those with a bit of extra baggage. Have a look at our favourite estates.