Best Coupes 2022 | Peter Vardy

Best Coupes 2022 | Peter Vardy

Best Coupes 2022 | Peter Vardy

What is a Coupe?

The word "coupe" originates in France from the French verb "to cut" and was originally used to describe small horse-drawn carriages. Coupes are designed to be smaller in size, containing a fixed roof, a sloping rear, and two doors. Coupes are stylish, narrow in width, and often provide a sleek, smart look. Coupes are not typically designed for families; the size would prove too difficult for large families. The coupe appeals to a wide audience, often with families who want to have a second, sportier car compared to their SUV or sedan. The coupe also appeals to a younger audience, perhaps those who wish to stand out from the crowd. The coupe price varies between manufacturers, but our list will cater for every budget. We will provide an extensive list of our top coupes, which you can purchase at Peter Vardy.

Are Coupes Worth It?

In terms of car styles, you must decide if certain styles or designs of cars will suit your lifestyle. For instance, a coupe probably wouldn’t be practical for large families due to its limited space. On the contrary, there would be adequate space for individuals and couples alike, even smaller families. A slimmer frame provides the coupe with a low centre of gravity, which in turn improves handling. The coupe tends to be lighter in comparison to other models, which often provides quicker acceleration and explains why a large majority of coupes are designed as sporty cars. The coupe can vary in price, like all models, so it really depends on the brand. If you are in the market for a sporty, sleek looking car, then the Coupe is definitely worth a test run!

At Peter Vardy, we have created a list of our top ten coupes for 2022!


BMW 2 Series

The BMW 2 Series is the ultimate coupe, boasting an exciting mix of fuel economy, performance, and driving dynamics. The handling and rear-wheel drive make it a dream for windy roads. With a range of driving performance modes, you can set the tempo for each drive. The 2 Series achieves a good MPG rate, but the insurance group for this specific model tends to be high, so it's definitely something consumers should consider before purchasing. BMWs are always fully equipped with the latest technology, and the 2 Series is no different. Sat Nav, Apple Carplay and voice control all come as standard. The leather interior provides a comfortable drive regardless of the distance. The 2 Series is one of the more expensive coupes on our list, but if price is not a factor, then it is certainly worth a look.

Mercedes C Class Coupe

In recent years, Mercedes has produced several coupe cars, but we believe the C Class is one of their finest pieces of work. Luxury is endless in the C-Class coupe, and it certainly justifies its high-end price tag. The sleek design of the coupe exhibits its elegant profile. In terms of handling and acceleration, the C-Class coupe is not as sporty as other coupe models; however, despite being a RWD, the emphasis was shifted for this model, and more emphasis was placed on a comfortable, balanced drive.As expected, this coupe comes filled with exceptional features such as artificial leather-trimmed heated sports seats, a seven-inch infotainment screen, a Garmin sat-nav system, and a whole lot more! Despite being an expensive model, the Mercedes C-Class is definitely worth a test drive if it's within your budget.

Mercedes E Class Coupe

As expected, the E-Class coupe boasts a sleek design, like all the Mercedes coupes before it. The E-Class coupe comes with four-wheel drive, different from the other models. This is to provide a comfortable, smooth ride with every drive. It lacks the same driving thrills as the C-Class coupe above, but it prioritises its luxurious, spacious cabin and pleasant driving prowess.The cabin is comprised of high-quality materials such as lossy wood trim, brushed metal switches, and trim finishes. The E Class's optional features are unrivalled, with Sat Nav, Rear Camera, Parking Sensors, and much more included as standard!If you prefer a classier, timeless coupe, then the Mercedes E-Class coupe is for you.

Audi TT Coupe

Perhaps when you hear the word coupe, the first vehicle that comes to mind is the Audi TT. This is certainly the case with us. Arguably the first popular coupe brought to the market, the Audi TT has been successful for the last 20 years. Audi has improved the TT coupe with each generation, and it is now the market leader.The Audi TT is eye-catching and instantly recognisable. The ride is generally comfortable, and the speed is average in terms of coupes, but it has more than enough to outmatch speedy hatchbacks. The light, accurate steering means tight corners can be taken with ease in the TT coupe. Noticeably smaller than other coupes, the TT is tight on space and not suited for family travel. The latest generation of TT boasts a selection of interesting features such as parking sensors and sat nav, but if you want to upgrade to the S-line version, they have a plethora of cool new features. The Audi TT coupe is cheaper than the aforementioned coupes in this article, but is not exactly cheap. However, the TT coupe is reliable, eye-catching and certainly worth a closer inspection.

Volkswagen Scirocco Coupe 

The Volkswagen Scirocco is a unique-looking coupe that possesses a funky feel-good element. Similar to other Volkswagens in terms of driving capabilities, the Scirocco provides plenty of grip and accurate steering. The interior is rather spacious for a coupe, and the boot is more than adequate, offering 312 litres of space. The Volkswagen Scirocco offers a wide selection of engines, so you can choose which option best suits you. The standard trim is relatively basic but does offer sports seats, air con and alloy wheels, amongst others. The Scirocco is well priced and significantly cheaper than the other coupes previously mentioned in this article. This is an ideal model for consumers on a budget who want to stand out from the crowd in their coupe.


Porshe Cayman coupe

Yet again, Porsche has delivered a 5-star coupe with the Porsche Cayman. The ultimate sportscar with bags of driving thrills due to the acceleration and handling. Although it is the cheapest Porsche, they did not hold back when designing this coupe. As standard, the Cayman accelerates from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 5.3 seconds.Porsche takes pride in creating the most comfortable interior and cabin within each vehicle, and the Cayman is no exception.Alcantara sports seats come as standard, along with Sat Nav, Carplay and much, much more! The Porsche Cayman oozes class and is the perfect coupe for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

Nissan 370z Coupe

If you are looking for value for money for your coupe, then look no further. The Nissan 370z competes with the most elite coupes in terms of performance, outgunning rivals such as the Audi TT and Porsche Cayman in terms of BHP, which achieves a whopping 324BHP as standard. The 370z was definitely designed for speed and it certainly achieves that, perhaps prioritising speed and acceleration over handling at times, which can be difficult to manoeuvre. The Nissan 370z comes with sports seats, climate control and 19" alloys as standard, amongst many other features. In conclusion, this coupe is purely designed for driving thrills and speed and would be the perfect choice for car enthusiasts.


Fiat 500 Coupe

Perhaps one of the most iconic and popular coupes of the past 10 years, the Fiat 500 can be found around every corner. The Fiat 500 is extremely popular among the younger generations, as expected.The Fiat 500 provides good fuel economy and has recently brought out a Fiat 500 coupe electric range to make it more environmentally friendly. Arguably the best priced vehicle on the list, the Fiat 500 is affordable for even first-time buyers, with a lower insurance group than the cars previously mentioned. Despite a rather basic cabin, the Fiat 500 boasts technology including air conditioning, a 7" screen, and rear parking sensors, amongst more. The seats are soft and comfortable. The stylish Fiat 500 coupe should be a top choice for anyone on a budget. 

Smart Four Two Coupe

The Smart four-two coupe is perhaps the smallest coupe we have discussed so far. A perfect city car, this model is no longer available to buy in petrol form, highlighting the forward-thinking and environmentally friendly engineers of the company. The Four Two Coupe is not the most thrilling of rides, achieving 71 BHP, but it is comfortable and ideal for city driving. The cabin is clean and concise and contains a 7" sat nav screen and climate control as standard. Whilst not as cheap as the Fiat 500 before it, the Smart Four Two Coupe is reasonably well priced and perfect for environmentally conscious car buyers, allowing them to drastically reduce their carbon footprint. 

Jaguar F-Type Coupe

Our top ten list draws to a close with the mightily impressive Jaguar F-Type coupe. Positioned in the higher price range, the Jaguar F-Type is everything you would expect from a prestige brand’s super coupe. The F-Type is the epitome of sporty and provides an exhilarating driving experience with every ride. The F-Type is not only one of the most atheistically pleasing coupes on the market, but also one of the fastest. The Jaguar F-Type can achieve 296BHP in the standard version, with certain F-Types reaching a BHP of over 500. Leather seats ensure a comfortable cruise, while Sat Nav and a Meridian Sound System come as standard on all F-Types. Being a premium brand, the Jaguar F-Type coupe is a very expensive model. However, if you are intending on splashing the cash and standing out from the crowd, then the Jaguar F-Type Coupe is the optimum choice. 


What is the best used coupe?

It is difficult to pick just one car when there is a wide range of fantastic used coupes, but perhaps our pick of the bunch in terms of used cars is the Audi TT coupe. The Audi TT is rather expensive when bought brand new, but after several years of depreciation, the Audi TT becomes more affordable, a major factor as to why we think it is better used. Performance isn’t hindered by the depreciation, and the Audi TT coupe can still achieve 178 BHP in its most basic form, with others achieving 395 BHP. The additional features remain the same despite the car being used, which results in the Audi TT offering sat nav, parking sensors, and climate control, amongst others. You can purchase a used Audi TT coupe from Peter Vardy for a competitive price of £17,000. Always check the condition of the used TT. Alloys can sometimes be damaged due to their large size. The Audi TT is a great used car for several reasons. However, we believe the number one reason is definitely the price point.

Which Coupe Has the Most Room?

There is no correct or one-car answer to this question, so we thought we would provide you with a rather spacious coupe, which we think is extremely comfortable. The Audi A5 Coupe is a stylish and refined coupe with spacious rear seats and a long, slim body. Despite being a coupe, the A5 provides more than adequate leg room and is only slightly smaller in boot size in comparison to the Audi A4. The A5 coupe is extremely reliable and achieved a 5-star rating in the Euro NCAP tests. The Audi A5 coupe is not only atheistically pleasing, but one of the most spacious coupes on the market. If you are in the market for a stylish, comfortable, and roomy coupe, the Audi A5 coupe must be at the top of the list.

What Is the Best Coupe On The Market?

It is much debated which coupe is currently the best on the market. It all comes down to personal preference and budget. The best coupe is arguably the most expensive, but I believe the Rolls-Royce Wraith coupe is out of reach for a large majority of the population, therefore producing unrelatable content.We have carefully selected a coupe which is affordable and fantastic value for money. There are many contenders for the best coupe prize, but our pick of the bunch is the Volkswagen Scirocco. The Volkswagen Scirocco competes extremely well on all fronts, including performance, style, and, most importantly, low asking, the Volkswagen Scirocco’s distinctive look will allow you to stand out from the crowd. Available in 3 different engine sizes, you can decide which one best suits your driving desires. Regardless of engine size, the Scirocco provides accurate steering and plenty of grip. Room is generous in the rear seats, and the boot space is more than adequate. The standard specification of the Volkswagen Scirocco exceeds that of competitors, boasting sports seats, alloy wheels, and heated mirrors in their most basic form. One of the reasons why this is an all-round top coupe is the price point. The Volkswagen Scirocco coupe is extremely well priced for what it can offer and is one of the cheapest coupes on the market, whilst still maintaining exceptionally high standards in every department. The Volkswagen Scirocco is a complete coupe and is one of our absolute favourites.