The Experience

Have the Full Experience

Visiting the CarStore

Visiting the CarStore is not like any car buying experience you’ve had before. We strive to bring you something total different, unique and forward thinking in its approach to selling cars.

Peter Vardy CarStore is an all new car buying experience, from the range, to the showroom, to the staff, creating the last thing you would expect from a car buying experience. Imagine that!

These are just a few of the ways we will make your experience unforgettable:

Guest Journey

From the moment you enter the CarStore you will be immersed in an experience like no other.

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Bring Your Kids

The CarStore isn't just for adults. Your kids can come too!

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Serving up hot drinks and delicious food every day.

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Business Lounge

A comfortable place to sit and read through important purchase documents.

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Consultation Area

Sit down and discuss the finer details of your new car with one of the team.

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Handover Bay

Your final moments at the CarStore are probably going to be your most memorable

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