The Guest Journey at CarStore

Meet your Host

Upon arrival at the CarStore you will be greeted at the door by our hosts. A friendly bunch, that will get you started on the road to car shopping nirvana. You will receive a personalised lanyard detailing all the must knows and a showroom layout map. 

Browse over 500 cars

On entry you will see clearly defined paths leading you to each section of cars. We’ve split our vehicles into 6 sections; Super Minis, Family Cars, Large Family Cars, MPV & Estate, 4x4s, Sports & Prestige.

Meet your sales advisor

Whilst you’re checking out our cars, one of our talented sales advisors will come and introduce themselves. They will talk you through all aspects of the car using tablet computers to get live deal information.

Agree a Deal

The Sales advisor will then take you to the Consultation Area the tablet PC is docked and all your information is transferred to their desk. You can then work out a financial deal that suits you.

Arrange Handover

Once all the details have been confirmed, it’s time to organise when you’ll pick up the car. Unlike most car dealers, the CarStore will deliver the majority of car handover’s on the same day.

The Main Event

When the time comes, you’ll arrive at the Handover Bay, where a series of surprises lead up to the big reveal of your new car; each one adding something personal and special to your CarStore experience.