Consultation Area

Visiting the CarStore is not like any car buying experience you’ve had before. We have wanted, since it’s conception, to make something completely new and totally forward thinking in its approach to selling cars.

During your journey through the sales process you will be guided and informed by our knowledgeable sales advisors. Their role is to be as knowledgeable as possible helping you to make an informed car purchase. The sales advisors will guide you with iPads allowing you to get live deals on vehicles for guests.

At this point guest can move to the consultation area which is where any deals can be arranged. The iPads are docked and your customer journey continues at the desk. Here you can finalise things or take some more time to decide in our VIP Lounges.

The Consultation Area is laid out to house several sales advisors separately ensuring that guest get a personal and private experience when discussing the finance involved in a car purchase.