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BMW Service Plan

Simple Servicing, Unlocked.

When you purchase a Pay Monthly Service Plan, starting from only £18,99, the cost is fixed for the duration, meaning you can plan ahead with your finances and know that you’re protected against inflation and future price increases.  

The Pay Monthly Service Plan is suitable for almost all BMW models, including Electric Vehicles and has the following benefits:

Transferrable - When the time comes to sell your BMW, you can keep the plan and transfer whatever balance is left to a new BMW so you don’t lose out on the remainder of your plan.

Future-proof Pricing - A service plan gives you greater peace of mind as the fixed price protects you from inflationary price rises.

Convenience - Plans purchased through Peter Vardy Edinburgh BMW are applicable to almost any age or model of vehicle.

To purchase a service plan, simply call one of our customer service team on 0131 3229031, or enquire online via the link below