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Dynamic Elegance

Now into it’s third generation, the silhouette of this classic roadster is instantly recognisable. The Z4 features a mesh kidney grill, side mounted air breathers and free form exhausts, along with an elegant soft-top and M Sport seats. Put simply, the BMW Z4 has a presence that commands attention.

M-Level Performance

Drawing on its racy heritage, the BMW Z4 Roadster boasts impressive sports performance thanks to an array of driving technology. Features right across the car from M-Sport brakes and adaptive suspension to the 8-speed Steptronic sports transmission deliver a dynamic driving experience unlike any other.

Integrated Intelligence

The BMW Z4 roadster is packed with intelligent technology to elevate your driving experience way beyond the norm. From the Head-Up display and parking assistant, though to the personal voice assist and BMW Digital Key, the innovative systems serve to elevate comfort and safety levels.

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  • Exterior
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BMW Features | Standard & Optional Extras

  • Sport Transmission with Steptronic

    The Steptronic Sport Transmission in the BMW Z4 allows drivers to change through the gears quickly and accelerate at a faster pace. Acceleration is only enhanced by the addition of the Sport and Sport+ modes.

  • Sport Steering with Variable Sensitivity

    Variable sport steering in the new BMW Z4 creates a more sporty response to steering. Manoeuvring and parking are made easier with the addition of variable steering. Steering becomes lighter and ensures a less demanding turn of the wheel. This function is fantastic for winding British roads.

  • BMW Operating System 7

    The BMW operating system 7 allows drivers to easily access and control the new BMW Z4 from their fingertips. The app’s menu is accessible and can be selected directly.

The Z4 is a roadster that combines sport and sky

An intelligently sculpted edition to the BMW lineup, the Z4 is a roadster that knows how to please its driver. The fluidity of the Z4 showcases its progressive design - with power and aesthetic working hand in hand. 

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Where is the battery in a BMW Z4?

In the BMW Z4, the battery is located to the right hand side of the boot. Should you need to access it, you’ll need to remove the removable flooring and carpet, as the battery is fixed in a bracket underneath.

Is the BMW Z4 fast?

Whichever BMW Z4 model you choose, you’re guaranteed a fast, agile motor. Opt for the M40i model and accelerate from 0 to 60mph in just 3.8 seconds. The Z4’s top speeds are around 149 and 155mph, making it the perfect choice if you’re looking for a car that’s quick off the mark.

Is a BMW Z4 a good daily driver?

Although capable of serious speed, the BMW Z4 also makes a great daily driver, perfect for shorter journeys around town. With two seats, you won’t fit the whole family in it, but the Z4 is perfect for single commuters or couples, offering ample storage space for laptop bags and your daily groceries.

The Z4 offers an impressive MPG, boasting 31-38mpg in the city and 46-53 on the highway, so it’s an economical choice. You’ll essentially get two cars in one; your daily runaround and a striking convertible that’s made for the open road. With a BMW Z4 as your daily driver, you can put the excitement back into your day-to-day driving.