BMW X5 M Competition

BMW X5 M Competition

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Ready when you are

Engaged and ready, the X5 M Competition expresses itself orchestrally, ensuring top execution every time. With figure-hugging quilted seats - comfort is never an afterthought in this powerful vehicle.

Seamless body styling

With distinctive details and black highlights, the X5 M Competition's appearance is a stunning visualisation of a high-performance SAV.

Ultimate performance vehicle

The X5 M Competition is the ultimate performance vehicle, with a track-ready cooling system and 625BHP.

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  • Exterior
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BMW Features | Standard & Optional Extras

  • M xDrive

    Maximum traction and driving dynamics are guaranteed on all terrains, ensuring maximum control and a thrilling driving experience.

  • Parking Assistant Plus

    Parking Assistant Plus was introduced to aid vehicle manoeuvring and parking. Featured as standard on the new BMW X5 M Competition, this package includes 3D surround views, sensors, distance control, and a whole host of beneficial perks.

  • Exceptional Performance

    The new BMW X5 M Competition exceeds performance expectations with its impressive TwinTurbo engines, which achieve a horsepower of 625.

The X5 M Competition is ready when you are

With seamless body styling and a track ready cooling system, the X5 M Competition is the ultimate performance vehicle. Engaged and ready, the X5 M Competition expresses itself orchestrally, ensuring top execution. 

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What is the difference between X5 M and X5 M Competition?

BMW offer special edition models within their offerings which are sportier and more performance-orientated. With a BMW X5 M Competition, you can expect refined handling, driving performance, and design of the cars. An example of the sportier offering includes a darker exterior trim, an active M Sport exhaust, and stiffer springs and suspension components.

How fast is the BMW X5 M Competition?

If you’re wondering “is the BMW X5 M Competition twin-turbo?”, yes, it is, with a 4.4-litre V8 engine. The competition package offers 625 bhp and 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds as well as top speeds of 177 mph. With impressive acceleration times and an eye-watering top speed, this vehicle is sporty and rapid and a great choice for performance-orientated drivers.

What's the BMW X5 M Competition interior like?

The interior of the BMW M Competition X5 is one of luxury and personalisation. Certainly not a minimalist cabin by any means, the X5 M is complete with adjustable, padded leather seats, massage functions, heated armrests, and a Bluetooth infotainment system. Stylish yet comfy, the X5 M has plenty of space which makes it great as a family car.