BMW i3

BMW i3

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Progressive Design

With a unique interpretation of modern trend, the BMW i3 stands out from the crown with unique style and form. Individualistic with a futuristic twist, this model combines iconic BMW features such as the signature kidney grille with exclusive film wrapping on the bodywork and foil graphics on the tailgate. The sporty personality of the i3 is hard to miss.

Recharged Strength

Through excellent use of modern technology, the fully-electric i3 offers sporty driving dynamics and adapted steering torque and suspension – increasing agility and power whilst maintaining optimum safety and comfort. Charging is effortless and offers superior range to ensure you maintain sustainability whilst enjoying the journey.

Intelligent Driving

Numerous digital services and driver assistance systems are on offer through the BMW i3. With superior comfort, mobility and safety, this model is elite in the market and stands out from the rest. Amazon Alexa Car Integration, Driving Assistant Plus and Parking Assistant are features only touching on the keenly intelligent workings of this model to enhance your driving experience.

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BMW Features | Standard & Optional Extras

  • Parking Assistant

    BMW Parking Assistant aids drivers by highlighting suitable parking spaces on the control display. When a parking space is located, the new BMW i3 will automatically complete the parking.

  • Driving Assistant Plus

    BMW Driving Assistant Plus creates a safe and comfortable driving experience through advanced cruise control, speed limit info and light city braking function in addition to several more safety features.

  • Smartphone Integration

    The new BMW i3 allows you to stay connected with the world through clever smartphone integration. The i3 is compatible with Amazon Alexa to provide drivers and passengers with limitless entertainment.

The i3 is a picture perfect example of the future

The quiet, quirky counterpart to the BMW range - the i3 is a prime example of how well the brand can adapt to fit the world’s needs. Designed with sustainability fully in mind, the i3 is revolutionary. 

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How long will BMW i3 battery last?

The i3 battery comes with an 8-year, 100,000 miles warranty. BMW has stated that its batteries could have a lifespan of 15 years and beyond, and are designed to last as long as the vehicle. This is an expected lifespan for cars this size

How far can a BMW i3 travel?

BMW officially states a range of a minimum of 182 miles on their website in one charge, providing you peace of mind about range anxiety.

How fast can a BMW i3 charge?

You can charge the BMW i3 to 80% in less than 1 hour at public DC charging points. A charge of 62 miles (with an initial state of charge of 10%) would take 1h:57m from a 7.4kW Wallbox at home and only 18 minutes from a public fast charging station.